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Cosmos: Empires is a 2-8 player, 15-45 minute engine building card game. Jump into the galaxy, choose your strategy and build your galactic empire. Race against your friends, exploiting their economy to your advantage!

The collectors box will only be available until the first fulfillment and comes with:

  • 92x Foil Cards
  • 100x Clear Card Sleeves
  • 2x Amethyst D4's 
  • 70x Mother of Pearl Tokens
  • 1x Large Wooden Card Box
  • Rulebook
  • Cheat Sheet

The game box is about 5x7.5x12.5cm in size while the wooden box is 22x12.4x6.4cm and the inside is 19.7x 9.6cm. The Collector's edition comes with both the standard box and the wooden box so you can choose which you would like to store your game in.

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