Cosmos: Empires

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Cosmos: Empires is a 2-8 player, 15-45 minute engine building card game. Jump into the galaxy, choose your strategy and build your galactic empire. Race against your friends, exploiting their economy to your advantage!

Each box comes with:

  • 92x Cards (84 + 8 Kickstarter Exclusive Culture Card Expansion)
  • 100x Clear Card Sleeves
  • 2x D4's 
  • 4x D8's
  • 70x Tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Cheat Sheet

The box is about 4.6x10.8x15cm in size so very small! Everything fits perfectly in the box and saves you tones of space. 

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Customer Reviews

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Space Empires & Power Curves

Fun card game with plenty of back and forth between the players. Cosmos: Empires has a fantastic power curve - your empire becomes exponentially more powerful as the stakes get higher. The mid to end-game is a careful balance of temporary alliances opting to bring a leading player back behind the win threshold, vs deciding when to go all out and blast through the win condition yourself. The duration of the game is long enough to feel satisfying, and short enough to go for a second game !

Great game! And great quality!

Super fun game to play with friends or the fam, box and cards also came neatly packed and are great quality :))