Technology Showcase

Cosmos: Infinity is a Desktop and Mobile application which utilises a range of cutting-edge technology for its full functionality. Bellow is a summary of all the technology used and implemented by Martin Brandel in the application.

REST API -> Shopify E-Commerce backend

Cosmos: Infinity utilises Shopify for 2 main features: Micro-transactions and generating discount codes in-app which are redeemable on the online store. 

To do this, I communicate with the shopify backend through server-side scripting initiated by the client using shopify's REST API functionality to create discount codes, read customer purchases and fulfill orders

Azure Cloudscript

I utilize Azure Cloudscript (written in Javascript) to run functionality directly from client applications without exposing sensitive code or keys. Most of the API communication with Shopify is done through cloudscript. The process is as follows:
Client requests action. -> Cloudscript function is run. -> Cloudscript communicates with Shopify through REST API. -> Cloudscript returns response to client application -> Client application handles response. 

Dedicated Servers for cross-platform Multiplayer

I utilize Microsoft Playfab to host dedicated servers for multiplayer. Servers and clients use Mirror in a dedicated server system model to let clients communicate with each other. Playfab also uses docker containers to run each server on virtual machines, and these containers need to be (and have been) created locally for testing. 


UI/UX Design

Cosmos: Infinity has a smooth and well-received UI interface, both for its gameplay and in-game menu. 

Mobile and Desktop Applications with Unity

Cosmos: Infinity uses the Unity game engine and is written in C#. It is designed for both Desktop and Mobile.