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Cosmos: Infinity


A free digital and physical trading card game, with a twist!

No grinding, no praying for good cards; Cosmos: Infinity has you start with all the cards unlocked from the start! As you play you earn card codes which you can trade, sell or redeem for real physical cards. These physical and digital collectables include rare alternate arts and foils, but don't impact the game for those who just want the strategy. 

Unique Gameplay

The game itself is quite unlike any other card game out there.

One of the most unique features is choosing the starting cards in your hand. Most card games have you draw a random hand, around 20% of games can just be decided on a bad hand, but in Cosmos: Infinity, your 5-card starting hand is pre-set when you build your deck.

Each turn you play 2 cards and build your "tree". As your tree grows, you can play stronger and stronger cards which you can bring up to the top of your tree to attack! 

All the cards in the tree "power up" the top card to let it attack. You can have up to 3 trees at once.
Attack with trees!

The strategy is extremely deep, with the way you arrange your tree and plan out your combos in your deck being critical to advanced play.


Bigger Worlds Games

CEO, Game Designer and Software Developer: Martin Brandel

Music: Joshua Winestock

Sasha Hryhorovych
Jonathan Mattos Rosa
Miguel Firewolf
Ane Bonazza

Alpha: Available now. (PC, Mac and Android)
Full release: 2022 (TBA)

PC, Mac and Android (IOS coming soon).




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 "Just finished the tutorial, really cool! Non-standard setting (read: it's not fantasy), really unique gameplay and game loop, super responsive controls, and banger music. With a bit of marketing, this could really be a winner!"
          - Reddit Comment (Source)


Cosmos: Infinity constantly takes feedback and suggestions on their Discord, implementing them and rewarding our community for finding bugs and issues. 
We also host tournaments with voucher prices and do other events. We are currently hosting a $100 AUD first prize tournament.  


The soundtrack is dynamic in the game; changing depending on what stage of the game you are at along with the turn phase and more. We have some fantastic soundtracks, courtesy of our composer: Joshua Winestock.



Cosmos: Infinity Screenshot Cosmos: Infinity Screenshot
Cosmos: Infinity Screenshot
Cosmos: Infinity Screenshot