Thank you for playing Cosmos: Infinity!

The game is currently in Alpha, so if you run into any issues or have any suggestions what-so-ever please let us know in the Discord channel!

We also announce tournaments with prizes and more so do join if you can.

Download the latest version of the game here:

Install instructions: Windows

  1. Download the installer above and run it.
  2. When running you may get a smart-screen warning since this is a new application. Select "More info" and then after confirming the publisher is us (Bigger Worlds Games Pty Ltd) select "Run Anyway".
    If any anti-virus flags the installer please let us know so we can send it to the vendor as a false-positive.
  3. Give it administrator privileges and choose any location to save the game. (It can be saved anywhere, does not need to be Program Files or C drive. The updater will load game files into the same drive it is installed.)
  4. After it finishes installing, the updater will launch and download the game on your computer then automatically start when done. (It will automatically update the game if I release an update as well, so no worries after this!)
  5. Enjoy!

Install instructions: Mac

Please note for the Mac release, we have not got an updater developed yet, so you will need to re-download the game whenever there is an update. (This will change soon though!) 

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Unzip and and play! If you get the warning: '"Cosmos-Infinity" cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software' this is because we have not yet notarised the app for the App Store. You can run it anyway by: Right-clicking (or control-clicking), pressing open and you will get the option to open the app anyway on the warning that pops up.