About Cosmos: Infinity

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  • Unlock every card immediately for free.
  • Play online Earn real physical cards.
  • Trade and sell alternate-arts and foils.
  • Boss-Battle style Campaign, solve puzzles, beat bots and more!

Get the game and try the tutorial!

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What is Cosmos: Infinity?

Cosmos: Infinity is a free to play, online and physical trading card game. In the digital version, you get the basic art version of all cards unlocked from the very start and as you play you unlock "Card Codes" which you can trade and redeem into physical cards on this website.

You can trade your rare foil and alternate art cards or pimp up your decks with them.
Apparently, the more fancy your deck, the bigger your [Censored by HR].

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If its free, how do you survive?

The financial model is Alternate Arts and physical deck purchases. Basically, in the game you get card codes you can redeem into physical cards on this website. You can also straight-up purchase the physical cards here without card codes if you like, but the fancy cards are very expensive unless you find a card code for them!

The idea is that enough of you will want a physical copy of their deck to keep the game afloat, plus purchases of accessories, merch, etc. might help. So if you like the game, consider getting some!

How to play?

The game is fairly unique, and quite different from most other card games. We would recommend just downloading the game which will take you through the tutorial, but if you love reading here is a summary of the rules:

Top-level summary

Each turn, you draw 2 cards and play 2 cards and then may attack once. The card at the front of your "tree" is the only card which can attack or get attacked, with all the cards behind it "powering" it up. You may only play certain cards lower on your tree, and getting them to the top (and back out) is not trivial.
The aim is to kill enough of your opponents cards to reduce their stability to 0.

Detailed rules

Card stats

- Step (centre roman numeral number): the minimum row this card must be manifested at.
- Chaos (top left): damage when attacks.
- Integrity (top right): how much damage this card can take before it is destroyed.
- Entropy (bottom left): How much total mind the tree needs for this card to be able to attack.
- Mind (bottom right): Enables the card at the top of the tree to attack. Is not added when this card is at the top of the tree.

Game and turn steps.

Players take turns until one player is the winner.

Turn steps:

  1. Draw 2 cards from your deck.
  2. Main phase: you may use as many abilities (though most (currently all) abilities are once-per-turn.) and manifest from your hand a max of 2 cards. Manifest means play from your hand.
  3. Attack phase: you must do all your attacks at the end of your turn. Each card at the head of each of your trees may attack once if the total mind of the cards below them in the tree is greater or equal to their entropy. After the card attacks you may swap the attacking card with one of the cards directly below it in the tree. (This is part of the attack)


If ever there is an empty slot in your tree with cards in the rows below it you must **Immediately** "balance" your tree. This means moving cards from the row below the empty slot into that slot. This can occur if a card is destroyed in an attack or through abilities such as Warp.


When you manifest a card, you choose a card from your hand. You can only play it in a row equal or grater to its step and only if all previous rows are fully filled. (so step 1 cards can be played anywhere, while to play a step 3 you must have at least 3 cards already in the tree filling the top and second rows.) There is no cost to Manifest, you have a limit of 2 per turn.


Your stability is the card zone all cards destroyed by damage go. Your total "stability" is 12 - the total **step** of all the cards in your stability. So when a step 3 card is destroyed, you are basically taking 3 damage, 12 damage and you're dead. It is very hard to remove cards from your stability but the ability exists.
You also lose if you have no cards in play.


Damage on cards is permanent, it stays over turns, and if ever the damage is equal to the integrity the card is destroyed.

Extra rules

You cannot deal damage and you can only manifest 1 card on the first turn of the game (so if you are going first) but still draw 2 cards.
- "Cannot deal damage", means you can attack and use abilities which do damage, but no damage goes through on the first turn of the game only.

Deck building

Your deck must consist of:

  • 24 card main deck minimum. (34 card maximum)
  • 10 card reserve maximum. Add here cards which you can play through other card abilities.
  • 5 card starting hand maximum. You start with these 5 cards at the start of the game. You may not have any copies of cards in your starting hand in the rest of your deck.
  • 1 Pioneer: a step 1 card you start with in play from the start of the game.

Cards with a silver step value are “Unique”. You may only have 1 copy of each of these cards in your deck.